Presbytery of Hudson River transfers
Presbytery of Hudson River transfers title of former church to Sweetwater Cultural Cente
Ancestral Land Donated to Rappahannock T
Iowa Tribe reclaims land within reservat
California Farmer Gifts 700 Acres Of Coa
A Supreme Court case about jurisdiction
A Tasmanian Couple Return Land
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Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign
Boulder Indigenous People's Day
Boulder Indigenous People's Day
Story of Florence Schloneger who Returne
Eureka City Council Votes to Return Indi
A Gift Meant to Correct a Dark Moment in
Marion Cumming's Indomitable Spirit_edit
One woman's plan to give back- 'The land
Returning Stolen Land to Native Tribes,
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Restoring the Sauk Prairie: A Story of Hope and Healing
Restoring the Sauk Prairie: A Story of Hope and Healing
Local Taxation for Sogorea Te' Land
In the San Francisco Bay Area, local residents and businesses can pay to help restore Indigenous land to Indigenous stewardship
Three Sisters Sovereignty
Three Sisters Sovereignty Project
Oneida women celebrate their unity upon
Land Donated to the Oneida Peoples.
Land Donated to Potter Valley Tribe
Mendocino Land Trust and Potter Valley Tribe
Rent Is Recognition and Restitution
Rent as Recognition and Restitution for Seattle’s Duwamish
Wyandotte Tribe Receives Land Back
UMChurch Built on Wyandotte Land Returned
Wiyot Tribe Regains Island
Wiyot Tribe regains island
A Church in Denver Returns Land to Arapaho
A Church in Denver Returns Land to Arapaho
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